Perfext Consulting Group

Perfext consulting group is a leading Management consulting firm engaged in the Growth Acceleration of the industries. Our mission is to serve business clients that are in need of operations excellence and business strategy services that aid them become highly competitive so as to sustain and grow amidst dynamic global challenges.
We are key Business Partner with goal of serving the comprehensive business needs by providing top-quality business growth consultancy for professional development of industries. Our customized approach, innovative methodology and proven workable solutions with practical implementation assist them in transforming their business in terms of improvement in top line & bottom line.

Perfext consulting group is founded by Mr. Jayen Kotecha, having more than 23 years of corporate experience with exposure to global business practices by working with diverse industries in lead management positions.

Ours is a team of highly experienced engineers with profound domain knowledge topped with technical experience in diverse functional areas of industries.

Over the years, we have created unmatched business value among our customers through strong relationship management, time bound execution, one team approach and delivering value-adds. 


Why Perfext?

As an Expert, We have Professional proficiency & experience, new ideas, innovative techniques and track record, which help our clients to:

  • Develop their capabilities and leadership skills at every level
  • Identify and unlocking their inherent opportunities
  • Benchmarking from other industries & sectors
  • Reduce Risk, improve probability and speed of delivering the Results.


As a Facilitator, we have distinct perspective, independence, bigger picture view which becomes a catalyst that is highly focused and flexible, aiding our clients in following ways:

  • Can offer new approaches and method
  • Can focus on issues not other agendas
  • Able to see potential for broader application
  • Avoid duplication and mistakes etc.
  • Able to spot risks & obstacles clearly and administer them.